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Sweets & Treats

Any dessert you choose from the Rosier Sweets menu will be the right choice. Chances are you're here because of a friend, and that one friend who gives you food advice is never wrong.


To start a quote for any of these products, simply click the picture or title of the sweet and get started. If you would like a variety quote with different sweets, go to the Contact Us page to tell us what you would like and in what quantity. We will always get back with you within 24 hours of submittal. Your time is valuable, so go with your gut and get started!

cake pop.jpg

$1.75 & up

Minimum of 12 per flavor

Pink & White Striped pretzels_ Rosier Sw

$1.75 & up

Minimum of 5

Chocolate Covered Mini Pretzels.jpg

$3.00 for 2.25 oz - 2.64 oz

No Minimum

Rosier Sweets Dessert shots

$3.00 & up

Minimum of 15

Chocolate Covered Rice Krispy Treats.jpg

$1.75 & up

Minimum of 5

Push Pops.jpg

$2.50 & up

Minimum of 10

Chocolate dipped pretzels.jpg

$1.50 & up

Minimum of 10

Chocolate Covered Oreos.jpg

$5.50 for 3

Rosier Sweets_ Contact Us Page

for Sweets & Treats Products

We'll get back to you in 24 hours

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